CHILDREN’S FILM FACTORY – is an extraordinary one-day educational program for children. During the workshop students from Vilniaus Jono Pauliaus II middle school got to become screenwriters, directors, cinematographers and actors themselves, and created their own short film.

First, children were introduced to the AMII team of professionals. Then they had a short lesson about basics of filming and how to create lighting compositions. Later, participants chose one of their written scenarios, edited it, and started filming it after distributing the responsibilities. The montage took place after filming while children impatiently waited for the results.

Even though, students were tired after a long day full of sensations, they left AMII with huge smiles on their faces and unforgettable experience.

The project was coordinated by film director Inesa Kurklietytė, producer, director and cinematographer Aleksandras Brokas, film score composer Ramūnas Jasutis, with the help of interns from Vilnius University.

DOCUMENTARY KLAIPĖDA’20 – a look at the port town through the eyes of the cinema. On 17th of September began the third documentary cinema workshop “Nordbaltic Incubator: Documentary Klaipėda”.

On the first day of the workshops, the participants had a meeting with a documentary cinema director Ramunė Kudzmanaitė, they discussed truth in documentary films, and watched the director’s documentaries “Kutursparnė” and “Aš priglaudžiau prie žemės širdį”. The participants also watched films from the last years’ workshops and presented ideas for their own documentaries.

On the second day of the project, the participants listened to a seminar by operator Erdvilas Petras Abukevičius, later they formed teams and prepared for the filming, after learning how to use the filmmaking equipment. The filming process took place on the third and fourth days of the workshops.

This year during the project were created six short documentaries about Klaipėda and the city’s life. Through the eyes of the cinema, the participants looked at the fishery, at different approaches to the theatre, at the traditions of autumn equinox celebrations, at the navigation, at the messages that the glances convey, and even at the mystical inhabitants of LTMA Klaipėda‘s faculty.

During the workshops the participants were consulted by director and producer Inesa Kurklietytė, director Ričardas Matačius, and sound director and composer Ramūnas Jasutis.